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Do not fall for the trap of high retainer fees

Why Should Athletes Start A Business?

Every athlete should start a business. Your brand is a valuable tool for your financial future.  This is even more important if you are playing at a higher level.  360 Sports has created a path for athletes to follow to help them capitalize on their brand value and provide centralized back office services to help it run efficiently.  Most athletes have a brand so valuable that can even result in their brand having it’s own IPO (Initial Public Offering)

Over 70% of professional athletes find themselves in financial distress a few short years after retiring. We’ve analyzed typical athlete financial management and found that many industry ‘advisors’ see athletes as a payday and often give them bad advice about investments and refer them to industry professionals who  literally nickel and dime them into poverty.

At 360 Sports we’ve recognized that athletes need a true fiduciary. A partner, not an expense. A teammate that can create a business built around an athletes brand which can provide income and security for athletes, not only while they play, but also through retirement.  Our system is designed to help prevent athletes from overpaying for  commissions, fees and retainers .

Imagine owning the company that offers the services that you need to use throughout your career and retirement.  Why take a pre or post draft loan when your company can give you better terms?  Why pay an agent, when you can own your own agency?  Why pay a realtor commissions when you can own the brokerage?  Why pay retainer fees when you have an ‘in house’ legal, tax and financial team?

360 Sports will help create your company, file appropriate paperwork, and provide the back office services that are necessary to help you run your business.  You are the Principle, the chairman of the board.  You can employ your own team or use our fiduciaries.

Each athlete venture company can result in launching a venture capital fund up to $75 million in diversified investment sectors.  The diversified portfolio is designed to focus on creating  wealth for athletes  and revitalizing communities without risking an athletes paycheck.

College or pro, active or retired, contact us to learn how you can start your own company by completing the form below.

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