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Why Should Athletes Start A Business?

An athlete’s brand is a valuable business that, if leveraged properly, can significantly benefit their financial future.  This is even more important if athletes are playing at a higher level.  360 Sports has created a path for all athletes to follow, to help them capitalize on their brand value. Any sport, any level.

THE PROBLEM: Over 70% of professional athletes find themselves in financial distress a few short years after retiring.

We’ve analyzed typical athlete financial management and found that many industry ‘advisors’ see athletes as a payday and often give them bad advice about investments and refer them to industry professionals who literally nickel and dime them into poverty with fees, commissions and retainers, not to mention the additional tax liabilities from NIL income and contract bonuses. Due to the recent the changes in NIL laws, this same system is affecting even younger, less wealthy athletes.

360 Sports has a better way to manage athlete wealth. We don’t ask athletes to put their wealth at risk, rather we flip the switch and have wealth managers invest into an athletes business.

OUR SOLUTION: At 360 Sports we’ve recognized that athletes need a true fiduciary. A partner, not an expense. A teammate that can create a business built around an athletes brand which can provide income and security for athletes, not only while they play, but also through retirement.  Our system is designed to help prevent athletes from overpaying for commissions, fees and retainers and putting their own money at unnecessary risk of financial loss.

  • 360 Sports will help create your company, file appropriate paperwork, and provide the back office services that are necessary to help you run your business. 
  • Start your own clothing line, launch your own nutrition products, follow your passions.
  • You are the Principle, the chairman of the board.  You can employ your own team or use our fiduciaries to help you run your business.
  • Your business includes sports related products and services, to help prevent overpaying and capturing additional income streams from sales to fans.
  • Each athlete family office can result in launching private equity funds, up to $75 million each, in diversified investment sectors and can result in an IPO.  Athletes own the fund, not fund the fund. 
  • Revitalize underserved communities without risking your paycheck.
  • Recognize additional tax efficiencies to fund ventures.
  • Centralized legal and accounting for better communication and preventing overpaying.
  • Income for athletes outside of their playing career.

College or pro, active or retired pro, start your athlete business.


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