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Raise capital into your private equity fund or Reg A company

The 360 Sports Marketing platform has been structured to help issuers raise capital for their private equity and Reg A funds.


Our direct reach includes more than 30 million social media followers of our athletes. In addition to the social media followers of our athletes, our direct contact list includes more than 1,000 qualified and accredited investors proven to invest in Regulation A and CF qualified companies.

This isn’t a random email list. These are relationships we’ve established over the past several years.

We made the mistake of hiring IR firms after we went public and I don’t think we generated one dime from their campaigns. That’s the reason why we created our own in-house IR platform.

  • We’ve created a comprehensive social media and digital marketing strategy that is both regulatory-compliant and revolutionary in its approach. We know where and how to reach the investor community and the most effective ways to communicate your story.
    Reaches millions of individual, as well as thousands of retail, and institutional investors daily using the latest social media and digital marketing techniques.
  • Targeted exposure across the most influential social media platforms. Premier placement on top investor community sites Proprietary investor email database.

Messaging that meets social media regulatory guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other governmental agencies.


  • Weekly planning meetings – Raising capital requires being nimble throughout the process. It could happen quickly or take several months. Being nimble is the key to success.


  • Do you want more exposure for your Crowdfunding campaign? For a small equity piece and a retainer fee at a fraction of the cost of traditional IR campaigns. we can drive loyal followers to invest in our company the market your CF campaign under the athlete brand.
  • Our experienced team will help craft your company’s messaging and share it via the channels proven to attract reliable and advantageous investors.
  • Spread your message across the entire investor community
  • A leader in using social media marketing to create lasting investor enthusiasm for your company that is also regulatory compliant
    Pioneers the art of using today’s 24/7 social connectivity to reach critical investor and influencer mass.

Lead Generation

  • We utilize the most cutting edge artificial intelligence and digital technologies to build a highly targeted and relevant investor list.
  • Proprietary Awareness Campaign platform to create new traffic, conversions, impressions, and engagement metrics.
  • Comprehensive Market Intelligence Reports and Audience Profiling.
  • Digital Media Services

Multi-Media Production Leaders

  • Our fully equipped 550 sq foot studio has premier video production capabilities.
  • We create high powered digital assets that engage and convert the investor community.
  • team of expert content writers create and syndicate Feature articles showcasing your company’s value proposition
  • We organize and market Virtual Investor Presentations so you can share your unique investment story with a qualified and engaged investor audience.

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