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Launch A Private Equity Fund

Do not take out toxic loans. Launch a private equity fund instead.

In an effort to stop the typical financial spiral encountered by  professional athletes that leaves most of them in financial distress shortly after retirement, 360 Sports Inc. has identified a way to help athletes avoid the costly financial mistakes made by their predecessors.

We analyzed the top successful athletes and noticed a trend that the most fiscally successful athletes were in the private equity space but didn’t get their until later in their career when they could ‘afford’ owning and marketing a fund.  Even with that said, we identified  most of those athletes were still putting their personal money at risk by funding part of the funds. Additional Doubly, they were also incurring professional fees, retainer fees and commissions to run the funds. Thirdly, their tax liability position could also be improved.

360 Sports Inc. has developed a program  for professional athletes, even rookies to afford their own private equity fund just like the megastars, without all the risk and fees. This is accomplished  by forming a partnership where the athlete is in control and typically chairman of the board instead of the traditional method of fee based services.


  • Each athlete family office includes $75 million diversified investment portfolio designed to focus on social economic impact
  • $5 million of the $75 million fund can be dedicated to building sports complexes in local communities, creating jobs to support the fund that benefits at risk youth
  • An  alternative to toxic funding
  • Pre and post draft loans can be very detrimental to an athletes financial situation

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