Start your own business or bring your existing business onto our platform.

Traditionally athletes on the path to pro, pro or retired pro athletes can benefit from a real business with a centralized business structure and centralized management team.

The businesses we create can help provide for financial stability and income outside of an athletes playing career which can last long into retirement.  Additionally, our athlete businesses are structured to allow athletes to pay themselves and their staff out of business income, not their playing income.  Even after retirement, athlete support staff can work for the business.

The business can also be used to purchase assets instead of an athlete paying out of their playing income or take out toxic loans that if ever defaulted on, can be disastrous especially if your playing income has stopped.

Your business comes with rapidly scaling add-on affiliate products to capture PASSIVE income from your fans that previously went to the big social media giants and their advertisers.  These services are facilitated  by your business back office or affiliate partners.

Your business is your very own concierge, allowing you to book travel, tickets and more.

Even add your own affiliates or current products/services you offer.

Link to your non profit or community outreach efforts.

Post events too!

All in one place.

Our businesses are created to allow an athlete to easily and affordably launch a venture and eventually launch a fund.

Our process helps reduce an athletes financial risk exposure when scaling ventures.  Additional tax efficiencies may also be recognized.


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