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Some athletes will want to upgrade their NIL platform and turn it into a legal business entity.  Traditionally athletes on the path to pro, pro or retired pro athletes can benefit from a real business with a centralized business structure and centralized management team. Having a centralized business structure can help athletes not only prevent overpaying for professional services but also realize additional financial benefits to help prevent the risk of future financial distress that is encountered by so many of your peers. The businesses we help athletes can help provide for financial stability and income outside of an athletes playing career which can last long into retirement.
Owning the rights to a sports agency territory can separate and distinguish yourself from your competitors while you leverage our relationships with retired pro alumni associations and get access to our esteemed pro athlete private equity funds. Even offer one of a kind financial and tax products for professional athletes as well as offer other services to capitalize on N.I.L., a $19B/yr industry.
A path to private equity for athletes and organizations. To date we’ve created dozens of funds for athletes to help scale their ventures. We handle fund formation, legal documents and back office all in one tech platform.
Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be a top earning professional to capitalize on the venture path.  All athletes are encouraged to explore starting their own venture business portal.  Leverage your brand by launching your own equity funding portal  to help manage and grow your portfolio companies.
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