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Owning the rights to a sports agency territory can separate and distinguish yourself from your competitors while you leverage our relationships with retired pro alumni associations and get access to our esteemed pro athlete private equity funds. Even offer one of a kind financial and tax products for professional athletes as well as offer other services to capitalize on N.I.L., a $19B/yr industry.


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Every Athlete Is A Valuable Brand

We allow athletes to create their own personally branded ‘white label’ sports agency business.  Each qualified sale our athletes make, that originates in your territory earns territory rights owner a commission. This can include our unique financial and insurance products for athletes if the territory owner is licensed properly. The more athletes and their fans in your community that use our platform, the more income opportunity.  Imagine hundreds or thousands of athletes having fans support them by making purchases through the athlete business platform.  That’s a lot of opportunity. College and pro team territories will surely go fast but there is much more to it than what I described above…

Features included with local agency territory rights ownership:

  • Personnel to run your agency included:
    • Sales Director
    • Marketing Director
    • Contracts Attorney
    • Securities Attorney
    • CPA
    • Webmaster
    • Interns assigned for social media marketing, athlete management and operations
  • Assigned professional athletes to manage
  • Back-office product and services management
  • Website hosting and maintenance
  • Additional affiliate and digital products for up-sell in your platform
  • Always the latest and advanced technology
  • Event marketing platform
  • Brand social media marketing campaigns
  • Local networking events
  • Athlete management tools
  • Nationally recognized brand
  • Be cool!

Benefits of Agency Ownership:

  • Separate and distinguish yourself from your competitors
  • Maintain independence.  No Non-compete
  • Leverage our relationships with retired pro alumni associations
  • Access to our esteemed pro athlete private equity funds
  • Host networking events as a sports agency as opposed to an agent or advisor.
  • One of a kind products for professional athletes
  • N.I.L. is a $19B/yr industry
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