Become A Sports Agent

Become a sports agent! – No law degree required.  Assist amateur, retired pro and even pro athletes with their NIL.


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No legal degree required.  A state licensed sports agent is different than a contract advisor.  A sports agent license is needed if you wish to assist athletes with earning income around marketing and promotions. Our program will show you how you can assist athletes with sales and marketing and earn income from various NIL opportunities. This is perfect for parents of up and coming athletes so they can control the athletes business. Perfect for sports business and sports management students who want to break into the sports industry. Start on your path to certified sports agent Today! Classes will be taught by video. You will be notified of any virtual learning opportunities as they are scheduled. Each participant will get an agent business and learning portal to access learning and income opportunities for agents and their athletes. Things you will learn:
  1. The difference between an agent and a contract advisor.
  2. How does an agent make money?
  3. How to get your state sports agent license?
  4. The business of sports.
  5. Creating a brand for an athlete
  6. Creating a business for an athlete
  7. Athlete Tax efficiencies and deferments
  8. NIL opportunities
and more. Enroll today classes begin spring 2024
360 Sports, Inc.

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