Our mission is to be the global leader in athlete development

Our system is designed to provide free mentoring, marketing and advisement services to athletes of all ages by creating income streams for active and retired athletes who mentor youth and amateurs.

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360 Sports, Inc.
For Athletes -  By Athletes

We understand that today, more than ever, professional athletes face a variety of challenges both on and off the field, the court, and the ice. We also know that professional athletes who have retired, as well as former college athletes, often have a strong, heartfelt need to stay connected with sports but finding opportunities, especially careers in the business of sports, are simply scarce.

360 Sports, Inc. is attempting to change the playing field for all professional athletes by providing the products and services that will meet their unique needs during their athletic career.

Following their professional, or collegiate, athletic careers, 360 Sports, Inc. offers retired pros and post-college athletes opportunities to mentor our up-and-coming athlete members, and, or become a 360 Sports Agency franchise owner, team owner, agent, consultant, or employee.

360 Sports, Inc. was founded by athletes, will succeed and scale by athletes, all for the purpose of helping athletes develop, and the shared love of sports.

Press Releases

massachussettsWe are excited to announce 360 Sports, Inc. officially registered 600,000 shares for sale in the state Massachusetts on Thursday, July 8th, 2016

 If no denial order is in effect and no proceeding is pending under section 204, Registration shall become effective at noon on August 7th.

Our market is in the pro golf tour and in real estate and construction market.  We are in the process of planting seeds in order to establish a market for our stock prior to registering a stock symbol.