I help family offices and banks solve strategy problems and innovate.

Treat all active and retired pros as ultra-high net worth individuals who require unique services and higher levels of sophistication and expertise without having to be afforded by actual family offices.


Each athlete company is offering independent advice. Our advisement team consists of genuine experts in various areas of expertise and are dedicated exclusively to the athlete partner.

Deep, personal relationships are forged with family members over years as trust is built, affording family office consultants a unique understanding of the structures that define wealth separation and succession plans and insight into family relationship dynamics and politics. This innate knowledge, along with the athletes’s values, vision, mission, and objectives, is used to inform all operational and investment decisions.

This is not always the case within banks and traditional wealth management operations where staff turnover is significant; the incentives to win assets is often an overriding factor, and conflicts of interest may arise. All of which makes lasting relationships and trust a scarce commodity.

Dedicated, best-in-class managers
We offer the best-in-class managers for every diversified class of assets.
The specific services and products family office offers the highest degree of professionalization, sophistication, and experience.

All work is performed in-house and while certain services are more efficient to outsource most work is performed in-house.

Morgan Stanley, Skanska, Turner, Tishman

explain not only the technical aspects of their various solutions but also the achievable results.

We are uniquely positioned to implement ongoing performance management and exercise control over the athlete’s FO operations. Thus, if an asset is failing to produce the expected yield, we can detect it and reduced or remove the mandate.

We have a fiduciary obligation to you. Always measuring in-house results against more potentially suitable market solutions.

Direct deal capabilities
Capacity for direct deal capabilities is a critical differentiator between what we offer compared to others in the industry. We are partners, not agents. We invest time and resources in building relationships and identifying and evaluating capital and deal flow.

The due diligence required to do this is far more involved, resource-intensive, and generally less metric-based than merely selecting a competent asset manager. Yet this is a critical aspect of operation as it enables legitimate multi-family offices to ensure that clients are afforded real opportunities that everyone has not already passed on and that align with their objectives.

The world’s major banks and the greater wealth management industry are evolving to better understand and meet today’s wealthy families’ complex needs. Still, only truly independent organizations who employ dedicated, expert advisors in various fields with decades of tenure in developing relationships that enable the understanding and satisfaction of their clients’ needs without conflict or compromise, can genuinely be called multi-family offices.