Corporate Governance1It's been just over a year since qualifying as a Reg A+ tier 1 company and we are one of a small percentage of companies that are still in business 12 months after qualification. We hope the following items can help other entrepreneurs and experts with their Reg A+ process:

1) The SEC examiners are supportive of companies who do their own Reg A filing
2) It doesn't cost anything to file your own Reg A application
3) Reg A+ Tier 1 offers liquidity, but your investment bankers may not know this!
4) State filing fees for Tier 1 are less expensive than audited financials required in Tier 2
5) If you choose to do a Tier 2, follow the S-1 format

6) You can do your own EDGAR filings at no cost! (html knowledge required)
7) Only use bookkeepers/accountants with experience preparing "footnotes"; otherwise, you may have to pay for accounting to be done twice.
8) Quickbooks is not GAAP compliant; but can be with add-on apps
9) Loophole: Tier 1 creates an unfair advantage for investors in states where qualified over investors in nonqualified states.
10) Costs to self file your registration statement in most states are a minimum of $300 and up to $1,200, depending on # of shares being registered
11) You do not need audited financials for Tier 1
12) If hiring lawyers and accountants on retainer, require them to communicate and coordinate their tasks with each other
13) Direct filing state registration statements gets a faster response than through NASSA
14) Some states require additional paperwork for you to become a dealer in order to sell your own shares
15) Once you file in one state you have 99% of what you need for the others
16) States consider offerings posted on websites as an offering in their state, unless you say otherwise
17) Use Social media experts to market your offering. IR is outdated
18) Require minimum # of guaranteed leads if hiring an IR firm
19) If paying a retainer to raise capital, require a minimum raise guarantee
20) Prepare to spend $12k for DTC