EPA green sports scoreboard 20131

I recently stopped for dinner at a hole in the wall restaurant before attending a meeting in midtown Manhattan. It turned out at the same hole in the wall was a group of Bloomberg people happily celebrating the beginning of the weekend.

Normally I keep to myself, but their friendliness and banter were so engaging that I soon found myself joining in. Especially once I heard the phrase "I trade in public equities". The words rang like a bell for me because I've been buried in public equity conversations on a daily basis for the past 18 months. 

During the conversation, I learned that Bloomberg is seeking to invest in companies that are unique, specifically to environmental sustainability. Michael Bloomberg was said to be driving the mission himself.  I also learned they have a dedicated team of people working on an algorithm for measuring sustainability. My heart almost pounded out of my chest.


Well, wouldn't you know, I am considered an expert in sustainability! I felt like Horshack in an episode of Welcome Back Kotter.  Although I wasn't making the trademarked Horshack whooping call, I was overly excited when I explained that I not only wrote and implemented the sustainability program for the New York office of one of my previous publicly traded employers but also created a system to measure our efforts - an algorithm by definition.

I quickly went off on a tangent explaining the details of what I did which caused the Bloomberg people and everyone else within earshot to look at me as if I was speaking a foreign language. I took the cue and stopped talking; however, I haven't stopped thinking about a plan to action; leading to this blog post.

My intention has always been to build 360 Sports, Inc. on top of sustainability. It's ingrained into what we do.  I didn't event think about pointing it out until now. If we properly market our sustainability efforts as well as the successes of our business, there's no reason why we can not emerge as a leader in sustainability, regardless of industry and regardless of whether or not we attract Bloomberg as an investor.  Doing it for the right reasons is all that matters. After all, we are all about being outside, playing sports for fun and enjoying the environment around us.