phase 11360 Sports, Inc. was formed by rolling up the sports related businesses created by our founders. By rolling up these companies, it allows us to combine our synergies and focus on carrying out our vision.

In simple terms (The elevator pitch) 360 Sports, Inc. strives to build 200 multi sports complexes, sell independently owned sports clubs which compete in the each complex where we provide the sports related products and services to the athletes and organizations wishing to join our clubs.

Although not formally spelled out, I foresee Phase I growth being to create a sustainable management system to make sure we can manage all aspects of business including legal, accounting, sales, marketing, technology and development.  I believe a stable corporate foundation and clear management system, integrated with the latest technology, will allow us to have limitless growth.

So, what makes me think we can have limitless growth?  My life experience has been in construction management and real estate development during the day ; while at night, I've grown from an amateur athlete to amateur sports team owner, sports league owner and now a professional sports business owner.  I've recently discovered that I can apply the experience from my day job which includes real estate development and construction management, to carrying out the vision of 360 Sports, Inc. in its entirety.  I believe we can create something never seen before in the world of sports.

In addition to establishing management and tech systems, Phase I includes creating clear marketing literature and establishing our tech platform while engaging in affiliate and broker style agreements with sports related product manufacturers and service providers.  We are nearing the end of Phase I. Phase II is seen as launching our tech platform and strategically selling our products and services while growing from affiliate style sales to licensed agreements directly with manufactures. Phase III is seen as being the manufacturer in areas where we can do it better. What is it? Check out each business line listed in the products and services section of

I will post a additional messages about the various milestones we hit in each phase of growth.  In the meantime, you can track our growth by checking otu the links at the bottom of the website.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. You can find me on Linkedin, Facebook Twitter or by email.