Reg A+ Lessons Learned

Corporate Governance1It's been just over a year since qualifying as a Reg A+ tier 1 company and we are one of a small percentage of companies that are still in business 12 months after qualification. We hope the following items can help other entrepreneurs and experts with their Reg A+ process:

1) The SEC examiners are supportive of companies who do their own Reg A filing
2) It doesn't cost anything to file your own Reg A application
3) Reg A+ Tier 1 offers liquidity, but your investment bankers may not know this!
4) State filing fees for Tier 1 are less expensive than audited financials required in Tier 2
5) If you choose to do a Tier 2, follow the S-1 format

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Little Known Secret About SEC Filings for Computer Programmers

I recently submitted our amended Regulation A+ Offering Statement by using the online filing system of theU.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) called EDGAR. This is unusual because I may be the only CEO who submits his own company's filings into EDGAR  Other than being on a shoestring budget, here is the reason why.

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Scaling Up

Image result for scaling upIt's been 11 months since we were qualified by the SEC as a public company. Since that time, our focus has been on building a strong business foundation with key systems and processes while ensuring regulatory compliance.

We are now preparing to scale up. In terms of our operations, the time is right - Our management team has more than 50 years of combined business experience in Sports Management, Risk Management, Education, and Entrepreneurship. We plan to scale by amplifying what we do already and replicating our infrastructure along the way.  We can't be leaner than we are now, so we are not too worried about over or under-staffing. We simply plan to grow one product line at a time.

Through our evolution and learning, the seemingly small, but essential step for scaling up, involving the development of our "elevator pitch" has surprisingly been a big challenge. But now, after many twists and turns and lots of internal, and almost always good-natured debate, we've got it:

"360 Sports, Inc. strives to be the leader in athlete development. We plan to do this by building our own sports complexes, launching leagues in ten or more different sports where independently owned sports clubs engage in competitions."

Our elevator pitch will continue to change as we grow, develop and expand, so please don't be surprised if it's not exactly the same one day.

Although it didn't make it into our current elevator pitch, our business is organized into 10 business lines, each of which will eventually become a subsidiary. All material news and announcements will be published on this website, However, detailed descriptions of our products and services can be found at

I believe it would be best to describe the various aspects of the company one article at a time. So, check out the content pages and future blogs and social media posts on our websites to learn more about our plans, as well as our accomplishments. It's time to go for the ride up


Private Placements In Public Equity (PIPEs): Best Practices

public private hybrid cloud1It's taken almost a full year since qualifying as public company to learn about the capital raising process.. As part of the process we've learned that engaging in hybrid PIPE transactions (Private Placements In Public Equity) is a viable business solution and hopes to be a win-win for our founders, shareholders and future investors.

As a result I've had to learn everything there is to know about the PIPE process.  Although we are not a FINRA member I still found this article to be an important learning tool in the Process:

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A Chance Meeting, Bloomberg and Sustainability

EPA green sports scoreboard 20131

I recently stopped for dinner at a hole in the wall restaurant before attending a meeting in midtown Manhattan. It turned out at the same hole in the wall was a group of Bloomberg people happily celebrating the beginning of the weekend.

Normally I keep to myself, but their friendliness and banter were so engaging that I soon found myself joining in. Especially once I heard the phrase "I trade in public equities". The words rang like a bell for me because I've been buried in public equity conversations on a daily basis for the past 18 months. 

During the conversation, I learned that Bloomberg is seeking to invest in companies that are unique, specifically to environmental sustainability. Michael Bloomberg was said to be driving the mission himself.  I also learned they have a dedicated team of people working on an algorithm for measuring sustainability. My heart almost pounded out of my chest.

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Phase I Growth Strategy

phase 11360 Sports, Inc. was formed by rolling up the sports related businesses created by our founders. By rolling up these companies, it allows us to combine our synergies and focus on carrying out our vision.

In simple terms (The elevator pitch) 360 Sports, Inc. strives to build 200 multi sports complexes, sell independently owned sports clubs which compete in the each complex where we provide the sports related products and services to the athletes and organizations wishing to join our clubs.

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CEO Blog

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