360 Sports, Inc.
We are in receipt of your letter requesting reservation of the following name:
Please be advised that the name will be reserved for
the date of this letter, during which time FINRA must receive the necessary membership application,
SAA Form, or Form BD amendment to secure or change the name, as applicable. With respect to
If the appropriate membership application, SAA Form, or Form BD amendment is not received within
reservation, you may submit a written request for an addition
to submit the necessary documentation. Absent extraordinary circumstances, only one extension will be
Edgar Russell III
Associate Director
Disclosure Review
one hundred and twenty (120) days
sixty (60) days extension of time
one hundred and twenty (120) days, this reservation will expire. Prior to the expiration of the name
FINRA’s approval of the requested name does not relieve the firm from compliance with any state or
Please note:
expiration of the 120 day period or an approved extension.
FINRA will not accept a request for a new reservation for the same name following the
April 16, 2019
360 Sports, Inc
244 5th Avenue, Suite R260
Mr. Robert Licopoli
New York, NY 10001
Dear Mr. Licopoli:
federal laws pertaining to misleading of confusing names, or the use of a trademark.
member name changes, please note that FINRA typically records a FINRA approved name change on
Web CRD ten (10) days after receipt of the Form BD amendment.

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