360 Sports, Inc. Teams up with Joe Unitas, son of legendary football player Johnny Unitas, to launch the Johnny Unitas film fund 


360 Sports, Inc. (“360 Sports”) today announced that it has partnered with Joe Unitas, son of the late John Unitas, to create a fund dedicated to the production of a major motion picture based on the life of the NFL great. 

The movie will tell the story of Johns’ early life, age five to twenty-five, beginning with his upbringing in Depression-era Pittsburgh, PA and concluding with the 1958 NFL Championship Game in New York City between the Baltimore Colts and New York Giants. Football historians, media, and those who watch the game have called it “The Greatest Game Ever Played”. The game was the first NFL Championship to be settled in sudden death overtime and was watched by, at the time, the largest US television audience ever, over 40 million people.  

The Unitas film screenplay, written by Joe Unitas with mentorship from Academy Award winning director Barry Levinson, is based in part on Tom Callahan’s New York Times Best Seller “Johnny U: The Life and Times of John Unitas”.  The book is the only biography authorized by John’s wife Sandra Unitas and their children. 

“This film is the story of my father’s pursuit of his childhood dream to be a professional football player; it is a very special project of love and admiration. My father’s journey was fraught with obstacles and family struggles and through hard work and determination; he became the most unlikely, but arguably best quarterback to play in the National Football League,” stated Joe Unitas.  “I am happy to work with 360 Sports on this project.  Their admiration for my father and their acute ability to raise capital makes them the perfect partner.” 

“All of us at 360 Sports are Johnny Unitas fans, and the chance to work with Joe Unitas on this film is a joy that can’t be overstated.  We are ready to get to work to raise the capital for the project and bring Johnny’s life story to the big screen,” said Robert Licopoli, CEO of 360 Sports. 

For more information on the film project, please go to unitasmovie.com. 



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