360 Sports, Inc. Partners with Vegan Launch LLC to Develop Vegan Fund 


360 Sports, Inc. (“360 Sports”), a multi-platform Management company for amateur, professional, and retired professional athletes and their companies, today announced that it has partnered with Vegan Launch, a one-of-a-kind green finance company specializing in the launch of vegan companies, to establish a new fund called the 360 Sports Vegan Fund. 

The 360 Sports Vegan Fund will act as a funding source for Vegan Launch.  Vegan Launch pursues three main areas of business that work together to solve large-scale challenges facing animals, people, and the planet.

  • Funding vegan startups. 
  • Training vegans to be successful leaders in the fields of business, investing, and finance.   
  • Creating and managing ethical vegan investment products for the $30 trillion public ethical investor market.  

This combination of financial leadership, training, and public investment product development allows Vegan Launch to facilitate large-scale ethical economic transformations not typically addressed by governments, charities, Wall Street banks, or venture capital firms. 

“360 Sports is excited to partner with Vegan Launch to create the 360 Sports Vegan Fund,” said Rob Licopoli, CEO of 360 Sports. “We work with many athletes who have adopted the vegan lifestyle and see the passion they have for it.  Mark and his team have tapped into that passion and are providing a meaningful method for like-minded investors to get involved with companies also promoting the lifestyle.” 

For more information on the 360 Sports Vegan Fund, please go to www.veganathletefund.com. 


360 Sports Inc is a vertically integrated company that provides full service back office solutions to help athletes start, manage and grow their own business. 360 Sports was founded in 2005 and Incorporated in 2015.  360 Sports is one of the first companies qualified as a Regulation A Tier 1 company.  360 Sports, Inc is becoming one of the leaders in full service athlete management with the intent to protect athletes from losing their fortunes.  360 Sports partners with athletes, forms a business partnership and launches private equity funds with the intent to go public through mini-IPO’s. 





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