360 Sports, Inc. Partners with ChainRaise to offer investors a new platform in which to invest in Pro Athlete companies

360 Sports, Inc. (“360 Sports”), a vertically integrated sports management company that helps professional athletes start managing and grow their businesses, today announced that it has developed a partnership with industry-leading funding portal ChainRaise to create a 360 Sports Regulation CF Crowdfunding platform to act as a centralized marketplace for the launch of 360 Sports athlete owned investment funds.

Both accredited and non-accredited investors will now have the opportunity to invest in the different funds that pro-athlete funds have to offer. From real estate developments to major motion pictures, 360 Sports provides back-office services in order to help athletes start, manage and grow their funds.

“The entire team at 360 Sports is excited about this partnership with ChainRaise,” said Robert Licopoli, CEO of 360 Sports. “By launching our own crowdfunding platform, powered by ChainRaise, our athlete clients can expand their fundraising options with the ability to accept investments from almost any type of investor. The investors, in turn, can now invest in a variety of projects that may include their favorite athlete.”

“Partnering with the 360 Sports team will allow everyday people to invest alongside their favorite athletes. We are thrilled to bring this first of its kind opportunity to the crowdfunding space.” says Corey Goodlander, CEO of ChainRaise.

For more information on the 360 Sports crowdfunding platform, please go to 360SportsInc.com


360 Sports Inc is a vertically integrated company that provides full service back office solutions to help athletes start, manage and grow their own business. 360 Sports was founded in 2005 and Incorporated in 2015. 360 Sports is one of the first companies qualified as a Regulation A Tier 1 company. 360 Sports, Inc is becoming one of the leaders in full service athlete management with the intent to protect athletes from losing their fortunes. 360 Sports partners with athletes, forms a business partnership and launches private equity funds with the intent to go public through mini-IPO’s.


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