Our mission is to be the global leader in athlete development

Our system is designed to provide free mentoring, marketing and advisement services to athletes of all ages by creating income streams for active and retired athletes who mentor youth and amateurs.

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360 Sports, Inc.
For Athletes -  By Athletes

We understand that today, more than ever, professional athletes face a variety of challenges both on and off the field, the court, and the ice. We also know that professional athletes who have retired, as well as former college athletes, often have a strong, heartfelt need to stay connected with sports but finding opportunities, especially careers in the business of sports, are simply scarce.

360 Sports, Inc. is attempting to change the playing field for all professional athletes by providing the products and services that will meet their unique needs during their athletic career.

Following their professional, or collegiate, athletic careers, 360 Sports, Inc. offers retired pros and post-college athletes opportunities to mentor our up-and-coming athlete members, and, or become a 360 Sports Agency franchise owner, team owner, agent, consultant, or employee.

360 Sports, Inc. was founded by athletes, will succeed and scale by athletes, all for the purpose of helping athletes develop, and the shared love of sports.

Press Releases

About the USA Bowl Championship Series
The American Football Rules USA Bowl Championships Series is designed to bring together the best of the nations more than 1300 Minor League – Semi-Pro-Adult Amateur Football teams in a bowl setting. The USA Bowl national championship has been played annually since 2005 during Martin Luther King Holiday weekend, with three USA Bowl National Championship games.

About 360 Sports
360 Sports and Events is the rights holder for this event and have held more than 150 similar events nationally since 1996. Games have been held at great locations including Mall of America Field at the HHH Metrodome, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Dayton Beach, Orlando, Miami, Florida, Charleston, WV, Mexico City Mexico, Chaipas Mexico, Chihuahua Mexico, Monterrey Mexico, CanCun Mexico, Canada and San Juan Puerto Rico.

USA Bowl I Metrodome Minneapolis
Midwest Pioneers 21 - Rochester 0
Minneapolis Lumberjacks 35 - Racine Raiders 17

USA Bowl II Orange Bowl Miami
Detroit Seminoles 33 – Central Minnesota Thunderbirds 22
West Michigan Force 27 - PW Monarchs 26
DC Explosion 32 - Albany Metro Mallers 26

USA Bowl III  Miami Florida
Detroit Black Ravens 22, Vermont Ice Storm 13
DC Explosion 26 Virginia Crusaders 20 2OT
Minneapolis Lumberjacks 48 - Wisconsin Bulldogs 10
USA Bowl IV  Miami Florida
Monroe County Sting 28 Detroit Seminoles  20
Vermont Ice Storm 34 DC Explosion 33
USA Bowl V  Miami Florida
3A National Champions Monroe County Sting
DI National Champions DC Explosion
USA Bowl VI  Homestead, Florida
Monroe County Sting  21 Kings Comets  20
DC Explosion 30 Knights of Miami 6

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