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What is 360 Sports, Inc.?

360 Sports, Inc. is a holdings company that engages in sports related startups, mergers, and acquisitions.

We formed after combining more than 50 years of total experience and synergies of our founders and coming together as 360 Sports Management in 2005. Over time, 360 launched verticals as brands in market sectors where athletes and organizers were being taken advantage of. Industries include sports apparel, travel, and venue rentals.

As we grew, we officially incorporated 360 Sports, Inc. in 2015, ultimately becoming one of the first companies to qualify as a Regulation A+ Tier 1 company under the new JOBS act by the SEC.

As of the IPO in 2016, we continued to grow by entering into the real estate, insurance, and capital-raising sectors. We entered these sectors in order to help athletes and sports organizations, start, manage, and grow their businesses. 

Please check out our vertically integrated products and services as seen in the sections below.



Check out our list of services to help athletes start their entrepreneurial journey. 

NIL:  360 Sports has been helping athletes start, manage and grow their businesses for 3 decades.  It’s a no-brainer to choose 3560 Sports for your NIL opportunities.


360 Sports has one of the most experienced and comprehensive business management teams that creates a centralized back-office business for athletes.


Athletes can scale their companies by partnering with 360 Sports where we help start a private equity fund and scale.